Tamwar is upset not to have Masood at the wedding. Zainab lies to the guests that Masood is in Pakistan for a family emergency. Masood tries to warn Zainab that Yusef is dangerous, but Zainab won’t listen. The wedding procession begins. Masood is fuming to see Yusef putting his arm round Tamwar. At the ceremony Yusef reminisces with Zainab about their own wedding and reveals he still has feelings for her. Masood bursts in yelling he forbids the marriage. Tamwar confesses it’s too late – they’re already married.

Shirley has lunch with Phil and is irritated when he answers his phone and says he needs to help the person he’s sponsoring. Phil finds Rainie in the Vic about to down a double vodka. Phil tells Rainie that he’s going to help her. Shirley sees them together and makes a scene. Phil insists that nothing is going on, but Shirley is nearly as horrified to discover that Phil is Rainie’s sponsor!

Eddie helps Liam out with the fruit machine. Liam confesses that he misses his dad. Carol is annoyed that Liam took a sickie from school when he wasn’t really ill and has a go at Eddie. Carol feels guilty for shouting at Eddie and invites him to lunch. Eddie and Carol kiss.