Yusef is worried that Zainab is up to something when she’s distant. Yusef is relieved to discover Zainab was planning a surprise birthday party for him. Yusef meets up with Tariq, who has found out about Yusef’s engagement, and offers him Tamwar and Afia’s restaurant in exchange for keeping his mouth shut. Afia sees Tariq and reveals the restaurant is not Yusef’s to give away. An angry Tariq lets slip to a shocked Afia that it wasn’t the family who tried to kill Zainab, it was Yusef…

Janine asks Michael to help her evict squatters from one of her properties, but he tells her to do it the legit way. Derek offers to get rid of the squatters for Janine. Initially grateful, she’s then disgusted by Derek when she realises he used to bully Michael. Janine sends Michael a text saying she loves him. Michael tells her that he’ll marry her one day!

Alfie enlists Tyler and Anthony’s help in selling the ‘second hand’ fridge freezers he’s bought from Derek. The fridges are quite obviously brand new so the boys put a few small dents in them to make them less suspicious. Alfie manages to sell three fridges to Janine for her properties. On a roll, he asks Derek for more stock.