Yusef’s revenge reaches an explosive climax!

Kim, Denise and Patrick decide to liven up Christmas evening by throwing a party in the bed and breakfast. Anthony, Tyler, Roxy, Jay, Jane, Whitney and Fat Boy turn up. Denise finds Phil in the kitchen. He’s sneaked in to get his hands on the incriminating memory stick. Denise firmly tells Phil she’s sending the recording to the police and Kim kicks Phil out. Meanwhile, upstairs, Masood and Yusef fight. Masood is knocked unconscious. Yusef calmly sets fire to the petrol and leaves…

Ben worries when he realises Phil has gone to the bed and breakfast to confront Denise about the memory stick. Ben and Shirley rush over to stop Phil and are shocked to see smoke. Christian, Ben, Jay and Patrick put the fire out while Shirley tends to Masood. Denise stays behind while the partygoers head to the Vic.

Phil sneaks back in to get the memory stick. In Masood’s bedroom, a cloth soaked in petrol drips onto a wall socket. The socket sparks another flame, dangerously close to the stored booze and fireworks. Phil, Denise and Masood are all in the bed and breakfast, unaware that the building is about to go up in flames.