Zac and Leah clash over Hunter

When Zac tells Hunter he needs to leave to meet Leah, Hunter swims into the sea and suddenly decides that he can’t ‘swim’, making Zac late. After making sure Hunter is home safe, Zac explains why he’s late. However, Leah says she doesn’t believe Hunter’s story and Zac storms out!

Phoebe confesses that, even though she loves Ash, she would prefer if Kyle were the father of her baby. Later, she’s ecstatic to learn that the operation went smoothly.

Summer Bay High is looking for a Bus Tender and Marilyn suggests that John would be perfect for the job, but he refuses to be in the same room as boring Greg Snelgrove. However, when Marilyn suggest that she talk to the new Principle, John quickly changes his mind.

Also, Charlotte tells Andy she has feelings for Zac, as the pair call time on their romance.