As Phoebe starts her lesson, things go awry when Hunter and VJ get into another physical fight. Zac breaks things up and after things have cooled down, VJ and Hunter decide to put things behind them. VJ tells Leah he wants Hunter to come home and Leah suggests the family go to dinner to talk things through.

At The Diner, Leah, Zac, VJ and Hunter seem to be like a regular family again and just as they begin to celebrate Hunter’s return, Kat walks in and demands Zac comes to the police station after some damning CCTV footage has surfaced…

Irene tells Leah that Hunter has been as good as gold, making Leah admit that she has missed Hunter and their family unit. When Irene returns home she finds Skye and Olivia as thick and thieves and is caught off-guard at their friendship.

Also, Kyle explains the only reason he had Charlotte’s phone was because the pair argued and she threw it at him. As Kyle continues to plead his case, Dylan eventually lets him go.