Will Zac come clean about his affair?

Can Zac bring himself to tell VJ the truth?

Zac’s distressed as Leah continues to ignore his text messages and emails. Later, VJ asks Zac what’s going on between him and his mum, but Zac refuses to discuss the details. Finally, Zac receives an email from Leah, but she wants to be left alone because of his one-night stand with Sam. The email leaves Zac upset, however, things go from bad to worse, as VJ finds Leah’s email to Zac on the computer!

Meanwhile, Kat’s not impressed with Ash when he tells her about his argument with Irene and his plan to get full custody of Luc. Kat says he needs to think things through properly. After cooling down, he meets with Irene and VJ to discuss Luc’s future. Will the three be able to reach an agreement – or will there be a three-way custody court battle?