Zac gets caught between Leah and VJ

VJ reveals he wants to pursue a vocational course rather than stay in school. Leah disagrees and Zac says he’s not getting involved. VJ feels betrayed that Zac wouldn’t support him, while Leah feels she may have been too harsh. However, when VJ sneaks out of the house, Leah is resolved to rule with an iron fist.

Sasha is fuming at Matt and Evelyn’s closeness, and confides in Chris that he may want to break up with her. Later, Sasha becomes jealous when the pair play Twister leading Sasha to admit things aren’t the same between them.

Denny suggests Evelyn should support Josh, so she invites him to Chris and Spencer’s party on the condition they avoid all baby talk. She eventually agrees to talk about it but, sensing her disinterest, Josh storms off.

Spencer admits he hasn’t called Monique as he’s not ready to date again, but when she turns up at The Diner, Chris invents a house party and invites her along. At the party, Spencer finds out that Maddy is pregnant, pushing him close to Monique.