Zac gets punched!

Zac's on the receiving end when VJ lashes out...

Zac is devastated when Leah asks him to pack his bags and move out but he follows Leah’s wishes and books himself into the caravan park. Later, Zac heads to The Diner and tells Irene and Marilyn that Leah has chucked him out and she needs moral support from her friends. While in The Diner, John gives Zac a shoulder to cry on. Yet things turn violent when VJ walks into The Diner and sees Zac laughing and joking with John. VJ, however, is unaware that a concerned Ash has just witnessed the incident.

Later, Ash goes over to Irene’s house to pick up baby Luc. Irene tells Ash that Luc is a grizzly because she has acid reflux – a common illness in babies. Ash heads to the beach with Luc and Patrick, but it’s clear from the sound of Luc’s crying that something isn’t right. Luckily, Tori is passing by and offers to take Luc for a check-up at the hospital. Will Luc be OK?