Michaela’s excited as she starts her first day at the Chester Herald, but her mood is soon dampened by Meriel. Meanwhile, Zak’s surprised to find Tariq on his doorstep. As Tariq begins his confession, Zak’s stunned to hear the truth behind Caleb’s death. Struggling to deal with everything, Zak takes a violent turn.

Lauren and Gaz continue their plans to fleece Spencer for more money. As excitement about the wedding grows, Spencer’s thrilled to receive his invitation while Lauren is furious to find Gaz has been missed off the guest list. In response to the slight, Lauren upsets Leo and decrees she’s not attending the wedding. As her thoughts return to money, Lauren stoops to wicked measures to obtain money from Spencer.

Malachy attempts damage limitation with Cheryl. But realising something’s amiss Cheryl seeks out Mercedes for some answers. The more pressure she applies, the more defensive Mercedes becomes until snapping, she finally lashes out at Cheryl and it’s into this melee that Malachy and Calvin arrive.

Jake confesses to Steph how much he’s missing Loretta and admits that it’s all his own doing. He approaches Calvin to ask about his old job at The Loft, however, he’s left frustrated when Calvin refuses his request.

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