Zac hides a prison injury from Leah

Leah is on her way to pick up Zac, but as she leaves, a subdued Zac walks through the door. VJ and Hunter press Zac for the details of prison life, but when the pair press too hard, Zac snaps. Later, Leah asks Zac to open up, but he just says he’s happy to be home. When Zac is alone, he nurses a semi-heeled stab wound that he received while in prison.

Olivia cries on Skye’s shoulder when she returns home. Skye tries to explain that Hunter has been through a lot and he’s not thinking straight, but Olivia refuses to listen. Skye asks her if she’s self-harming again but Olivia assures her she’s not.

Skye plans a chick-flick day, but her plans are scrapped when VJ suggests they head to a beach party. When they arrive, they realise that Lindsay is the host and it’s not long before the troublemaker decides to stir things up. She convinces a good-looking male friend to hit on Olivia and uploads the exchange on social media, leaving Hunter furious.