Zac jumps to conclusions

Leah calls Zac from the crash scene, telling him she doesn’t think this was an accident. The next day, Hunter makes his debut at Summer Bay High and Evelyn confronts him about the car crash. Hunter jokingly says he cut the breaks on Leah’s car, which leads to a physical showdown between him and VJ. Later, Leah finds out her breaks weren’t tampered with. Zac apologises to Charlotte and Hunter for jumping to conclusions – but Leah says Hunter frightens her and doesn’t want anything more to do with him.

At The Diner, Greg and Irene decide to have dinner at Irene’s house and Marilyn suggests she and John should join them to ease the pressure.

With Chris down in the dumps, Hannah decides to cheer him up. But when Andy sees them from afar, it’s clear he still has feelings for the pretty nurse.

The results are in at Summer Bay High and it’s happy news… until Greg tells Josh he’s expelled for taking drugs.