Leah finally works up the courage to speak to Zac, but stops in her tracks when she mistakes a moment of friendship between Zac and Hannah as something more. Hannah realises Zac isn’t being honest about his feelings and tells him to man up. He does, instead of talking to Leah – he goes straight for the plunge and kisses her!

Shandi goes to the Palmer household with a peace offering, only to learn the wedding’s been postponed! Shandi tells Jett, who immediately tells John that Casey would have wanted him and Marilyn to have tied the knot. John goes to see Marilyn and declares his love for her and asks if they can stick to their original date.

Sasha tells Matt that Casey was her first love; although things did not end well, she wishes she told him she had forgave him. She admits that she’s scared Matt is heading towards the same fate as Casey, prompting Matt to sit his end of school exams.