Zac opens up to Bianca

Roo hassles Bianca about the wedding and Zac offers to give her a hand. While Irene and Leah are clearly concerned, they make the decision to stay out of their business. After Pippa’s ordeal at the school, Zac and Bianca support each other but Zac puts his foot in it, asking Bianca if she is sure if Heath is the one.

Marilyn and John interview Alf at the Diner about Summer Bay’s history. When Roo stops to say hello, Alf tells her that he thinks they should leave them to work it out themselves. Marilyn and John then interview Sally and heart strings are pulled when Sally talks about how caring people are, leading John to talk about how much Marilyn helped him when he lost Gina.

Pippa collapses and has a seizure while Jett is talking to her, so Bianca drops him off to the Diner to be with John. The situation reminds Jett of losing Gina and when the conversation saddens John, Marilyn supports him. When Jett sees their embrace, he tells Marilyn that Gina wouldn’t approve. Marilyn assures Jett that she’d never try to replace Gina.

The doctors tell Sally that the seizure was connected to Pippa’s disease, and Sally knows that time is running out to get Pippa to the clinic.