Zac sets Duncan up!

Zac winds Duncan up telling him to ask Jacqui for a ‘special massage’. Michaela misunderstands and offers to do it herself. When she finds out the truth the girls plot their revenge, giving Zac a painful wax. Duncan lies to Zac telling him Michaela obliged and after a huge fight Michaela throws Zac out. Meanwhile, Des is concerned about Jacqui’s job and she calls off their date.

Anita still won’t eat and when Hannah tries to intervene, Leila tells her to back off, having a go at her for writing to Jake. Hannah leaves, determined to clear her name with Jake, but fails to convince Nancy that she only wrote to Jake once. Later on, Anita comes home and convinces Leila that Hannah has helped. Leila feels guilty and she and Hannah make amends.

Hannah wants to clear her name, but Jake lies to protect Loretta, claiming Hannah wrote all the letters. Loretta is freaked out to see that Jake has laid out a picnic for them in The Loft and dashes off. Later, she turns up at his flat and offers him a private affair.

Also; Zak spills coffee all over Michaela’s lap top. She tells him to buy a new one, or he’s dumped.

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