As Zack provides a shoulder to cry on for Leela, they nearly kiss, but are interrupted by a jealous DS Armstrong knocking at the door – turns out he’s been watching them via his hidden camera. Leela’s awkward around Zack in Armstrong’s presence, leaving Zack frustrated – and Armstrong delighted! Has Armstrong got Leela right where he wants her?

Meanwhile, Myra’s still blaming Sally for John Paul leaving and Sally makes things worse when she goes to the McQueens’ to clear the air. After a tough day, Sally and Neeta are in The Loft when Neeta suggests Sally should try online dating. Will Sally think it’s a good idea?

Also, Adam wants to avoid Darcy, but she offers to help him in the salon when he’s short staffed. When she sees them together, a heartbroken Maxine believes she’s lost Adam for good. She later hears Darcy on the phone, however, telling someone she loves them – who is it?