Simone tries to hide the fact she’s going to London for work, pretending she’s visiting her mother, but she’s busted when Louis wants to come with her. The pair argue and Simone leaves, but as soon as she’s gone, Joanne tries it on with Louis… Meanwhile, Zack tries to keep his distance from Lisa, but it’s obvious they have feelings for each other. When Zack stands up Theresa at The Loft she lets herself into the Lovedays and is shocked to find Zack in bed with… Joanne!

Pete gives Cleo her old bracelet back and his manipulation begins. John Paul and Tony come up with a plan to show Cleo t

hat dropping out of school was a bad idea, with Tony treating Cleo like a skivvy at The Hutch. Cleo’s furious and goes to see Pete, who still hasn’t changed his statement about Reenie trying to kill him.

Also, Grace wants revenge for Trevor and goes to the Blakes’ flat to find Ben. Trevor rushes in, horrified, but Grace urges him to get payback. Ben goads Trevor, who’s about to lash out when Sienna arrives. She’s furious with Ben and relieved Trevor wasn’t the one who instigated it. Later, Sienna asks Trevor to meet up…