Zac’s guilt forces him to make a difficult choice

In a discussion in class about an English text, Maddy’s questions force Zac to think he should confess about the accident. Andy and Hannah discuss the importance of family and Hannah thanks him for helping out with Zac’s car. Oscar and Evelyn see that Zac’s car has been returned and the headlight’s been fixed.

When Tamara sees Zac’s car she has a flashback to the accident and collapses, which Oscar and Evelyn see. When Tamara tells Zac it was definitely his car she saw, Zac seeks out Sergeant Emerson and confesses to being the one who hit Tamara. Maddy comes into the diner and tells Hannah, Oscar and Evelyn that she just saw Zac getting into a police car.

Casey has been released from hospital and is surprised to find his novelty hat from London has been posted to him by Linda. Elsewhere, Ricky tells Josh he can’t let someone else dictate his life and to not take anything Casey said to heart.

Also, Andy calls Josh – he’s decided to stick around, his family are important to him. Brax and Ricky come to Casey and tell him he should talk to Cheryl. She’s the only one with the answers to all of his questions.