Zac’s wracked with guilt

Evelyn’s ready to move on and decides to have her ‘T’ for Tank tattoo removed but Zac’s racked with guilt, knowing that Tank is suffering in prison. Meanwhile, Greg visits a bruised and battered Tank and begs him to tell the wardens but Tank refuses. Finally, Zac decides to visit Tank, but it’s too little too late, as the teenager is stabbed when Zac arrives. 

Evelyn and Josh see Maddy and Matt and try to persuade them to have a night out in the city, but with the pair on edge due to the extensive cyber-bullying, they decline. However, Evelyn refuses to take no for answer.

Hannah questions Kat about Dylan, leaving Kat riddled with doubts about her new relationship. She goes through Dylan’s phone and finds hundreds of creepy photographs that he’s taken of her. When she questions him about the pictures he has an explanation, but it’s clear that Kat has more doubts than ever…