Zainab has a shock for Masood

Zainab is in an irritable mood and points out to Masood there’s no way they can go abroad now that she’s having a baby. Zainab finds out she’s 15 weeks’ pregnant and Jane comforts Zainab who is desperately unhappy about being a mum again at such at late stage in her life. Masood reassures Zainab that they’ll cope and he’s stunned when she confesses that she doesn’t want the baby…

Minty is shocked when Manda turns up on her doorstep with her cat and her belongings and tells him she’s been kicked out of her flat and is moving in. Minty grits his teeth as Manda takes over and slips out to the pub. Minty returns home to find a guilty Manda packing up, but Minty says he wants her to stay. Later, Manda reveals that her son, Adam, will be back from holiday soon and will be moving in with him!

Bradley is unenthusiastic when Syd talks to him about accommodation in Canada and he’s annoyed to discover that she hasn’t told Noah her plans. Noah is upset when Syed signs to him about moving. Noah runs away and Syd and Bradley search for him. Bradley finds Noah in the arcade and brings him home.