Yusef confiscates Zainab’s mobile. Zainab’s roused to anger when Yusef suggests giving Kamil to Masood and says Kamil will only ever be an outcast to him. Zainab slaps Yusef. He slaps her back and warns her never to try that again. Zainab finally realises she needs to leave Yusef. She tries to sneak out with Kamil, but Yusef takes Kamil from her. Zainab manages to smuggle a note for Masood to the B&B begging for hope. But the note gets accidentally pushed behind the door.

Pat takes the family on a day out to Clacton-on-Sea to forget their troubles. Pat reminisces about happy family holidays there, but finds it difficult to cheer up the family. Ricky tells Pat he wishes he could do more to help her. Back in the Square a desperate Pat asks Janine for a loan. Janine agrees, but she wants Pat’s house as security.

Jane and Masood have been invited to Ian’s for a dinner with him and Mandy. Jane and Ian are soon sniping at each other. Ian says Jane won’t be able to marry Masood as she’s not Muslim and Jane claims she’ll convert. Ian retaliates by announcing he and Mandy are getting married on Monday, much to Mandy’s surprise!