Yusef tells Syed and Christian that Amira will be in contact soon. Syed is put out that Yusef went to see Qadim without discussing it. Zainab gets a phone call from Amira. Yusef sees that Zainab has Amira’s number and suggests she get rid of it if she’s against Syed marrying Christian. Yusef fishes the number out of the bin when Zainab’s not looking. What’s he up to?

Michael overhears Anthony talking to Eddie and Tyler about his bargain purchase from Cora. Michael finds Cora and hints that the candlesticks she sold Anthony are worth much more than 200 pounds. Rose does some research on the internet and finds out the candlesticks are worth more like a grand. Eddie offers Cora an extra 300, but is happy enough. He thinks the candlesticks are worth eight grand!

Vanessa invites Eddie out for a drink, but he’s worried that Carol would disapprove and declines. Carol turns up at the Emporium and argues with Eddie about him trying to rip off Cora. Vanessa heads to the gym and tells Michael that Eddie is tough to crack. Michael insists Carol must dump Eddie by next Tuesday, the day of Tyler’s fight, and the anniversary of Michael’s mother’s death. Michael threatens Jodie to force Vanessa to work harder on Eddie.