Tamwar gives Afia the cold shoulder, still paranoid she’s disgusted by his burns. Tamwar asks Fat Boy to look after the restaurant while the family go to Mosque to pray for a new start. Fat Boy finds a leaving note from Tamwar and warns Zainab, who stops him just in time. Tamwar and Afia argue and Zainab blurts out the truth about Yusef’s death, that she sent him back into the flames. Tamwar’s injuries are her fault.

Max grounds Lauren. A furious Lauren insists she’s old enough to do what she wants. Tanya is worried that Lauren will end up like her alcoholic and drug addict sister Rainie. Lauren rows with Max and Tanya and announces she’s moving out. Max lets Lauren go, sure she’ll be home by the end of the week. Lauren turns up on Anthony and Tyler’s doorstep.

Mandy catches Lorraine stealing from Ian’s wallet, but isn’t brave enough to stand up to her. Mandy threatens to tell Ian, but Lorraine hints that she’s got a few stories about Mandy she could tell. Bianca starts a cleaning job for Ian. When the missing money is discovered, Ian blames Bianca. Mandy feels forced to take the blame.

Also, feeling rejected by Syed, Amira sleeps with Anthony.