Zainab pleads with Afia to make the first move with Tamwar and shake him out of his silence, but Afia is still struggling with her own demons over Yusef’s actions. Zainab tries again to get through to Tamwar, but he remains cold. Later, Afia bumps into Lucy in the cafe and agrees to go to the club on a girls’ night out. Amira discovers Afia has gone out to a club and is disapproving.

Bianca feels the pressure of being a single mum again and orders Whitney to tell Liam to make more of an effort. Bianca is furious when she finds Liam skipped school. Liam reveals he was at an interview for an evening job at the local fast food restaurant McKlunkey’s to help provide for the family.

Jane is reticent to even think about the job at Gethin’s restaurant, but Tanya has secretly set up an interview for her. Tanya uses the pretence of a shopping trip to get Jane to the interview. After the interview, Jane reveals that the job is in Cardiff. Tanya secretly wonders what she’s done – she’s going to lose her best friend!

Also, Ben reveals to Phil that he was his stalker as Ben is arrested for Stella’s murder.