Zainab’s about to crack

Tamwar’s parents continue to pretend that all’s well. Syed feels as if things are moving too fast when Christian tells him about a flat he has found for them. Later, Tamwar talks to Syed about their parents. Yusef sees a tired-looking Zainab at the Mini Mart and gives her some advice about her tiredness. Syed tells a hurt Christian to stay out of it after Christian sees Zainab push Syed away when he tries to comfort her. Yusef arrives seconds later with some medication for Zainab and convinces her that it will help her sleep.

Masood threatens divorce and Zainab slaps him in the face. Masood leaves and an upset Zainab contemplates taking the pills. Christian suggests to Syed that he tries to befriend Zainab, but Syed dismisses his offer. Syed sees how upset Christian is and assures him that their relationship is strong, but he’s stunned when Christian asks asks him to marry him. What will he say?

It’s Mercy’s wedding day to Fatboy, though she is far from happy. Kim makes a move on Fatboy, but he reveals that he’s in love with Mercy. Back at Grace’s flat, Mercy feels she can’t live a lie and calls the wedding off.

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