Masood fronts up to Yusef and demands to know what he said to upset Zainab. Yusef insists that they only talked about their kids’ engagement and the time that they were married. Zainab won’t tell Masood what was said and gets upset again. Masood agrees to split up Tamwar and Afia but he can’t go through with it.

Denise throws a party at the B&B. Masood gives Tamwar the expensive engagement ring to present to Afia. Yusef upstages Masood when he presents Afia with her mum’s ring. A furious Masood accuses Yusef of leaving Zainab for dead when his family tried to kill her in front of everyone. Zainab runs out. She confesses to Masood that Yusef’s uncle and father attacked her and she’s not sure that Yusef was involved.

Glenda turns up to take Ronnie to her counselling session. Ronnie gets out of it by saying she can’t go because James has a cold. Later, Glenda watches Ronnie lighting a candle in church. Glenda confronts Ronnie and asks what she’s up to. Ronnie almost cracks but pulls herself together just in time.

Also, Jay buys a bag of chips for a grateful Abi and there’s a spark between them.

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