After the prison riot that led Jason Forbes’ escape, Zain Nadir tells DCI Jack Meadows that Forbes was in for murder and will be after the person that exposed him. Supt. John Heaton gets Zain released from prison for a day to work alongside CID to catch Forbes – but the other officers are far from pleased to see him.

Zain and Jack follow Forbes’ wife Lonnie, and watch as she talks to Oz Reed, a man with form for forging passports. When Oz admits to selling Lonnie two passports, the race is on to find both her and Forbes before they disappear. Later, Jack and Zain talk to Forbes’ lawyer, Jenna Bryce, who’s surprisingly hostile.

After further investigation, the officers discover that it was Jenna who exposed Forbes as a murderer and is actually the person that Lonnie is escaping the country with. Zain and Jack race to a bar Forbes once owned and find Lonnie and Jenna tied up, with Forbes pointing a gun at their heads.

Knocking Jack out with his gun, Forbes then offers Zain the perfect opportunity to escape…