Zak and Hayley have a heart-to-heart

Zak isn’t speaking to Hayley for going to bed with Archie and when he refuses to sort things out between them she decides to leave the village. Michaela sees Hayley at the bus stop and decides to reconcile sister and brother. Zak and Hayley have a heart-to-heart and are finally reconciled and set off to the pub for a bonding session.

Russ struggles with the responsibility of being a teacher and he tries to connect with his class but ends up as the butt of Lauren’s joke. Russ goes to the SU bar to get a taste of his carefree student life back. Meanwhile, Newt is angry with Lauren for humiliating Russ in front of the class. Lauren is unrepentant and wonders why Newt is distant with her when they go back to their den…

Sarah is unenthusiastic when Nancy and Hannah decide to find her a man but they drag her to the SU bar to go through their list of eligible students. The plan turns out to be a waste of time as one-by-one all the names are crossed off the list. When Archie turns up at the bar it’s very awkward between him and Sarah but it’s obvious they both still fancy each other.

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