Zak and Joanie cross the line

With Joanie’s performance at the village hall opening looming, she’s nervous. So Zak offers to take her in to town to get an outfit. She soon finds a dress she loves and is stunned when Zak buys it for her. Later, after singing in the hall, Joanie heads outside for some air and is followed by smitten Zak. Unable to ignore the chemistry between them any longer, married man Zak kisses her, leaving the pair reeling.

Pete is loving having one up on Ross now that he knows his hated brother is getting their mum to look after baby Moses despite Debbie’s ban. When he later bumps into Debbie, Pete can’t resist dropping hints about Ross and Emma’s secret arrangement. When Debbie then confronts Ross, how will Emma react when the furious mum calls round to tell her enemy the game is up?

Any efforts that Laurel may be making to forget about Ashley are about to get dashed by Nicola. She’s on a mission to get her back with Ashley and soon comes up with a plan to force Laurel to spend time with the newly single vicar!