Zak and Lisa return from their one night of rest and relaxation in a hotel to discover that the Dingles are homeless. Shadrach’s attempt at having a bath has left Wishing Well cottage uninhabitable and, to add insult to injury, the scoundrel has nicked off with the money that was in the housekeeping pot. Zak is furious and Lisa is devastated. Where are they all going to live? And if they find Shadrach and kill him, what are the chances they will get away with it?

Meanwhile, at the cemetery (where Shadrach may soon find a resting place), Diane, Andy and Victoria are gathered at Jack’s grave on the anniversary of his death. Diane loved Jack and is happy to remember him with his children. But she doesn’t want to be miserable and has agreed to go to a concert with Doug. Could this be the start of a beautiful romance?

Maisie’s thinking about romance – the one she could have had with Ryan, if he hadn’t turned out to be her brother. No one in her family has thought to keep her away from alcohol and so she’s drunk again. She’s also devastated when she sees Ryan with Katie. She’s got something to say about that – but what will it be?