Zak and Lisa do a TV appeal

Zak is desperate to find Sam and Eric suggests that they do a TV appeal. Lisa thinks it’s a good idea and she persuades Zak to agree. Zak and Lisa go on TV to do the appeal, but Zak is too choked to speak and Lisa has to do the appeal, telling Sam that they all love and miss him. Meanwhile, in a deserted house, Sam is preparing tea, and misses the appeal, which is being watched by little Samson.

Gray admits to Diane that he’s begun to feel very close to Katie. Diane hints that Katie may not be as understanding about Gray’s affairs with men as Perdy. Diane has struck a chord with Gray and later Katie is surprised when Gray is cold towards her.

Val is put on the spot when the pub regulars suggest she adds doing Viv’s charity aerobatics display to her list of ‘things to do’ before her op. Val surprises everyone by agreeing to do the charity event. Diane is scandalised when Val later tells her that her op is at the same time as the display, so she’ll get out of going up in the plane!

Also, Jo tells Jack that she is not happy about getting married to Andy in prison.