Zak and Rhys’s double date is a disaster

Zak sees a loved-up Rhys and Hayley sharing a smoothie and unromantically calls him tight-fisted for only buying one. Zak invites Rhys and Hayley along on his date with Michaela at Il Gnosh and challenges Rhys to prove who is the most romantic. The double date soon disintegrates when Rhys and Michaela bicker and Hayley and Zak walk out and leave them.

Hannah wakes up with a nasty hangover and is stunned to learn she drunkenly kissed both Nancy and Gilly. Hannah heads out into the village and has an encounter with bad boy rocker Stav, who takes her to the SU Bar for his gig. Zoe worries about Hannah’s behaviour but she defiantly announces that she’s going to Denmark with Stav and his band!

Darren cheers up a little when Newt arranges to meet up with him and he later heads to Steph’s dance class to meet Newt, who is helping her out. Darren feels awkward, especially when Jack arrives and ignores him. On the way out Darren bumps into rocker Stav and covers him in smoothie and is forced to give him his trousers so he can do his gig. Darren falls asleep on Stav’s tour bus and wakes to find himself on his way to Denmark!

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