Zak is on edge and in an attempt to prove how much he loves Michaela, he decides to buy her an engagement ring. Kris is wary, but Zak continues with his plan and invites Michaela to The Dog. Zak prepares for his romantic proposal but he’s unaware of Charlotte’s dilemma. As he gets down on one knee, Michaela tells him that it is too late, she knows all about his infidelity.

Spencer wakes up hungover and confused at the Valentines’. Lauren wants to tell him that they lied to him about sleeping with her, but Gaz insists they have to stick to their story. Praying on Spencer’s vulnerability, Gaz tells Spencer that he’ll need to pay for Lauren to see a doctor. Unaware he’s being conned, Spencer hands over £200.

Also: India’s determined to get things back on track with Rhys, but is mortified when she realises he is hiding from her. Determined to get over him she drags Dave and Charlotte on a night out. Dave tells Charlotte to stay out of Michaela and Zak’s relationship for the final time, resulting in an annoyed Charlotte storming off. When India makes a pass at Dave he is shocked at the lengths she will go to, to get over Rhys.

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