Zak struggles to cope with the news that his brother has died and wanting to live for the moment he makes a snap decision to ask Michaela to marry him. Michaela’s thrilled with the proposal, she finally has the romantic boyfriend she hoped for, and quickly accepts. But she’s concerned about his state of mind when she finds out about Caleb’s death.

Michaela insists Zak needs time to grieve before even thinking about marriage, but Zak’s not listening. He is determined to stick with his decision and gives her an ultimatum, “marry me or we’re finished”

Ste’s jealous of Josh’s friendship with Olly, and on seeing Ste’s reaction Olly automatically assumes they’re a couple. Amy’s highly amused by his assumptions until, desperate to prove they’re straight, they reveal they’ve both had relationships with Amy. A stunned Olly then listens as Amy reveals her colourful past.

Also, Jem’s finding life in Hollyoaks difficult after living the romantic dream with Gilly in Thailand. Gilly does his best to make her feel at home but knows it’s difficult, so offers to help her fit in with the Ashworths. She’s an instant hit with Neville as she gets the green light to put on her own themed night at The Dog.

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