Zak and Michaela continue to argue about his plans to join the army. To get away from it all, Zak heads to the SU Bar where he bumps into Tariq. As Zak begins to drink his troubles away Des joins them. Zak catches Laura’s eye in the SU Bar but he is oblivious and as he drunkenly walks home alone, Laura approaches him. They start kissing until Zak breaks away but when Laura kisses him again he can’t help himself. As they make their way to Zak’s flat, a heartbroken Charlotte spies them from a distance.

Lauren’s desperate to reunite her family but when she invites Calvin around to the Valentines’, her plan doesn’t quite work. Sasha’s furious when she sees Calvin and an argument erupts, Lauren can only watch on heartbroken. As Lauren breaks down, Sasha offers an ultimatum, Calvin or her. Calvin leaves and Lauren’s left devastated.

Spencer’s experiencing first date nerves as he prepares for his blind date. Sasha helps him prepare by giving him a few tips, even offering to go to Il Gnosh with him. However when Calvin arrives at the Valentines’, Sasha is distracted and sends Spencer to Il Gnosh on his own.

Also, Spencer’s date arrives but on seeing him, she quickly leaves.

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