Zak discovers Belle’s been popping pills

Belle’s got herself some pills from Lachlan, but when her nephew Samson sees her swallowing one he thinks it’s a sweet. Although the pill makes Belle relaxed she soon panics when she realises that one of the pills is missing, unaware that Samson has found it and taken it to show Zak and Lisa! Horrified by the find, Zak seeks out the rest of Belle’s supply and throws the pills wholesale into the bin. So while the rest of the village is seeing in the new year, Belle’s scrabbling through the Dingles’ rubbish looking for her pills!

As Jimmy grieves for the baby, he’s concerned to see Nicola head off to work. But as she has everyone believe she’s still pregnant, Nicola is being distant with Jimmy. Will they be able to unite in their grief?

When Adam reveals that Robert is back on board as an investor in their business, Aaron’s excited that their plans for a taxi firm is back on track, but his mum Chas warns him to be careful of Robert. Meanwhile, Robert is forced to cancel his plans with Aaron for a posh party at Home Farm. So as he spends the evening with Chrissie it’s clear Robert feels torn between his fiancee and Aaron…