Zak fights for Belle’s education

Zak and Lisa have a meeting with Belle’s headmistress to see if there is any way she can stay at the school after the loss of Rosemary’s funding. The couple are disappointed when it seems that nothing can be done. Belle is devastated when Zak and Lisa are forced to tell her the bad news. Zak vows to see that Belle stays at the school she loves and he decides to return to bare knuckle competitions to win enough cash for her fees.

Debbie is disappointed when she can’t find a buyer for the stolen necklace and she reluctantly realises that she’ll have to go through Pollard. Meanwhile, Lexi continues to spy on Debbie and she overhears Pollard telling Debbie that she’ll have to wait while he gets in touch with his contact to sell the necklace.

Rosemary disappears overnight, leaving her dogs in Paddy’s care and Paddy raises his concerns about Rosemary with Grayson. Grayson insists that he couldn’t care less where his mother is, but her disappearance is affecting him more than he admits. Belle finds Grayson drowning his sorrows and she tries to reassure him.