After getting mugged for Relish’s takings last night, Gilly takes the day off. Ash tells Zak to go and check on his mate but Gilly refuses to admit he was terrorised by Gaz and a group of kids. Calvin questions Zak, but he lies and tells him he wasn’t there. Calvin then learns that Gaz and his mates all have water-tight alibis which leaves Zak furious that Gaz is going to get away with it. So when he bumps into Gaz outside Relish that night, Zak distributes some justice of his own.

Elliot invites Hannah to the robot convention but it seems that Neville is more interested in going than she is. In a last ditch attempt to save their failing relationship, Hannah dresses up as an alien and forces herself to watch some sci-fi videos, hoping that it might give them some common ground.

Realising that she’s late for Elliot’s robot competition, Hannah dashes over to the SU Bar, but when she gets there, she’s disappointed to see that Elliot would rather celebrate his win with Neville than with her. Elliot and Hannah later realise it’s time to call an end to their relationship.

Also, Frankie wins the karaoke competition.

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