Caleb’s army mate, Tariq, brings Zak a final goodbye letter from his brother. Zak can’t bring himself to read it and gets angry with Michaela when she encourages him to open it. Finally plucking up the courage, Zak makes a life changing decision about his future.

Dominic arranges for the Chester Herald to visit Relish tomorrow, while Newt and Rae sneak out for some fun. Dominic’s annoyed and the pair are amused when Dominic and Tony end up fighting over them. Feeling a bit giddy after sneaking a bottle of Cider into the restaurant, Rae and Newt share a kiss.

Spencer’s feeling paranoid after the questioning over Holly’s disappearance and is upset when Calvin blanks him in the village. Sasha invites him over and signs him up to a networking site to make new friends. Spencer’s excited when the idea lands him a date.

Also, Carmel tries to stay positive about the wedding but it’s proving difficult knowing Calvin’s family are refusing to attend. Knowing how much it means to him to have them there, Carmel pleads with Lauren to try and talk her family round.

And Malachy discovers the source of ‘Tina’s ghost’ in the attic but quickly realises he’s just got rid of the only thing that could have saved the McQueens family.

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