Zak has a few surprises for graduation day

Zak is excited about graduating, but he’s hurt when Caleb goes AWOL and he realises that none of his family will be there to support him. Michaela comes to the rescue and brings her family along instead. Caleb turns up just in time to see Zak receive a first-class degree before leaving for Afghanistan. Zak tells a delighted Michaela that he’ll be around for another year at least as he is going on to do a Masters.

Zoe is frightened of letting her proud parents down by confessing that she’s failed her degree. Zoe goes along with Archie’s madcap scheme to fake a ceremony, but it ends up in farce and Adrian blows Zoe’s cover. A miserable Zoe has to be talked into going to the ball, while her friends reveal that they have a plan to take revenge on smug Adrian.

Gilly tries to convince Hannah to turn up to Rhys’s graduation, but she’s still furious with her brother for driving Justin away. At the ball, Rhys cuts a lonely figure. He’s about to make a move on Hayley when Hannah turns up to make amends.

Also, Kris is touched when his mum arrives for his graduation; Archie ends up bedding a McQueen.

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