If anyone should know about lying and the trouble it brings it’s the Dingles; they all do it – a lot. And as head of the Dingle clan, Zak should know better than all of them. Sadly, though, that doesn’t stop him telling Lisa an absolute whopper that causes her great heartache. With no idea what’s really wrong with Zak (anxiety, panic attacks…), Lisa’s imagination is running riot and she asks Zak if his cancer has come back (he had testicular cancer in 2001). It hasn’t, but that’s not what he tells her. Desperate to give Lisa an answer, even if it’s not the truth, Zak lets her believe he does have cancer and she’s devastated. Now Zak’s dug a hole for himself that will take some climbing out of!

Family matters are a touchy subject with Megan, too. She picks a fight with Carl when he badmouths Kelly for leaving Elliot, but only because she feels bad about giving up her own son. Carl doesn’t know that, though – not yet.

Laurel doesn’t know what to do about her family. She does know that she doesn’t trust Ashley alone with Sandy (and so she shouldn’t!) But she doesn’t know where her family goes from here.