Zak disturbs Elliot’s concentration with the TV and refuses to turn down the volume. Carmel shows up informing him of a noise complaint and he has no choice but to concede. Zak plots to get his own back and consequently, Elliot is surprised when Sheila turns up. He smells a rat and realises who is at the bottom of all of this, but feeling guilty, Elliot surrenders.

Tony’s jealous and sets out to teach Cindy a lesson. Later, as he is serving in Il Gnosh, Cindy rushes in to ask for his help; she can’t get the alarm to stop going off. He confesses to meddling with the alarm and admits that he wants her to need him, prompting Cindy to declare her love for him.

Zoe is unsure that she should continue to film the family, but Josh is determined not to give up now. At The Dog, an angry Rhys walks in on Suzanne, Neville and Josh in front of the camera and refuses to join in. Finally, Rhys crumbles. He turns up at the hospital and offers Hannah his apology, but she is too hurt to forgive him.

Also; Leo and Carmel incorrectly arrive at the conclusion that Cheryl’s secrecy is down to the fact that she’s pregnant not engaged.

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