Zak is kept under lock and key in hospital!

Lisa is convinced that the best thing for Zak is to get him home from hospital. After all, he hasn’t got cancer, so it’s not like he needs expert medical care, is it? Well, that’s where the doctor disagrees. He tells Lisa that Zak has had a mental breakdown. He’s worried that Zak could hurt himself and sections him under the Mental Health Act. Lisa’s devastated. The doctor’s saying her Zak is a nutter. Desperate to protect her proud husband, Lisa tells the family to tell anyone who asks that Zak has a concussion. Confused, Debbie asks Cain what happened on the moors. But Cain’s not talking – and Lisa’s not pushing him to. But why?? Lisa decides to tell her. She tells Debbie it was Zak who nearly killed Cain. Upset, Debbie tells Cain that maybe Zak’s illness is his fault. And Cain doesn’t like the sound of that at all!

Ashley doesn’t like seeing Gabby afraid of him, but she is. What does he expect? She’s seen his temper and doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of his anger, so she wants to stay away from him.

David can’t stay away from Holly. He’s looking forward to a date with her and can’t understand why Rachel’s got the hump. Because she wants a date with him!