Depressed and desperate, Zak can’t stop lying. He tells Sam, Gennie, Chas and Lisa he might only have weeks to live. But if Lisa finds out he’s lying he might not even have that long! She wants him to get a second opinion and fight for his life, but all the fight has gone out of Zak and he takes off, unable to face the family he has lied to. Back in the village, Gennie tells a shocked Cain his dad is dying.

Zak isn’t Cain’s only concern, though. He wants to know why Cameron wasn’t with Debbie at the hospital and makes it clear to Cameron that he doesn’t believe him when he says he was working. Cameron’s rattled – and so is Chas when she sees how much Sarah wants Cameron around. She knows she should finish with Cameron – but she can’t. Instead, she tells Cameron they’ll keep their affair secret and he’ll stay with Debbie. She doesn’t realise that’s just what Cameron wanted to hear!

Alicia doesn’t want to hear Holly flirting with David and is jealous when she thinks that’s what’s going on. She hasn’t quite admitted it to herself yet, but she wants David for herself.