Cold comfort farm… more bad news for Zak and Lisa in Emmerdale

Zak tells Lisa the police think the demolition of their home was an accident

At Wishing Well, things are dire. With a whacking great hole knocked out of the side of their house, Lisa and Zak are having to wrap up in blankets as they attempt to return to their home. It’s all Joe Tate’s fault, of course, but there’s further bad news awaiting the Dingle couple. The police believe the smash was an accident.

Lachlan reels when the police hand back his mobile as he realises he left a very incriminating voicemail when the crash killing Chrissie and Lawrence took place…

Pollard needs to leave for Portugal to help his son Paul who’s fallen and broken his leg. Will Faith go with him?

This is all the information we have for this episode.