Zak needs a hero – and gets Cain!

Cain has found Zak – and quickly realises he’s about to lose him if he doesn’t do something fast. With patience and compassion that Cain usually keeps very well hidden, he talks Zak away from the edge… Then he holds him in a headlock until he falls unconscious. And that’s how Cain keeps Zak until help arrives. At the hospital, Cain is bombarded by questions from the doctors and Lisa, but it’s Zak who looks shell-shocked. Belle wants to see her dad, but Lisa realises it’s not a good idea. Zak was getting on great with his dead brother and dead son, but he clearly doesn’t know who Lisa and Belle are and Lisa decides it’s best to stay away from him for now.

In Emmerdale, the girls can’t stay away from David. Spring has sprung and the fillies are feeling frisky – and David’s not complaining. Rachel thought she was getting somewhere with him and Alicia wants to get somewhere with him, but it’s Holly that he’s frolicking with outside the pub. They enjoy a long kiss – and Alicia and Rachel do not enjoy seeing it.

Ashley wants to enjoy time with his children and Arthur’s happy to see him, but Gabby won’t see him at all. She’s scared of his temper – which he just might lose if she continues to refuse to see him…