*One-hour episode*

Zak is back and is distraught to find out that he is been excommunicated. When no Dingle will take him in, Zak barges into the factory to speak with Lisa, but is dumbstruck when Lisa explains that Belle called the Dingle court. Zak tries to apologise to Belle, but she ignores him and collapses in tears as soon as she gets home. Lisa tells Belle that if she’s changed her mind they can reverse Zak’s banishment. Belle says no in spite of herself.

Doug drops in to see Diane and they agree to be friends, but Doug feels disappointed. Diane snaps at Val when she teases her about sharing a house with Sandy and confesses to her kiss with Doug. Diane decides to get away and she organises a long holiday visiting Bernice and then Louise in Australia.

Andy picks up on the bad feeling between Victoria and Daz, who lies that Victoria is upset because he confronted Aaron. Daz feels guilty when Andy thanks him for looking out for Victoria. Daz is grateful when Jake offers him his old room back until the heat dies down. Victoria is hurt to hear that Daz has moved back in with Jake.