Zak says fire was his fault!

Ever since the tragic fire ripped through Emmerdale there has been a lot of finger-pointing – most of it in Andy’s direction. Well, he’s got a history of playing with matches and rumour has it he has been harassing Katie. When Katie’s copper friend Henshall reveals that the anonymous phone calls and burglary are linked to the fire then Andy’s as good as convicted of all the crimes by many in the village. But Zak insists the fire was all his fault, because he left the rubbish outside Katie’s cottage, where the fire started. Henshall won’t have any of that, though. He starts questioning the villagers, but reminds his fellow officers that Andy is already an arsonist with the blood of his adoptive mother Sarah on his hands.

Cain’s back and has some questions of his own – all about Charity and Jai and all along the lines of: what the heck does she think she’s playing at? That’s what Debbie wants to know, too. So Charity assures her that she’s just playing games with Cain – but they’re not the kind he likes.

Diane wants to know all about Doug’s new woman – but he’s refusing to kiss and tell.

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