Zak takes a beating

Zak heads off for his big fight with Sam and Shadrach in toe and he squares up to his rival O’Shea. Zak proudly turns down O’Shea’s offer of two grand to throw the fight but once the bout begins, Zak takes a pasting. A worried Sam calls the police in a bid to stop the fight. Zak, meanwhile, turns the fight around but his chances of winning are scuppered when the police arrive.

Kelly is pleased when Jimmy apologises for neglecting her of late and they book their honeymoon. Kelly crows to Carrie about their holiday and a riled Carrie makes it clear that she could have Jimmy in an instant if she wanted.

Matthew and the Kings want to add Holdgate Farm to their portfolio and they submit a late bid for the sale but they’re worried about winning when Carl discovers that the farm is in a state. The Kings are relieved when their bid is defeated by the mysterious Mrs De Souza, who has paid well over the asking price.

Also, Gray is determined to save his marriage to Perdy.