Having jumped to the wrong conclusion about Megan and Bailey, there’s an embarrassing scene in the cafe when Zak lamps the doctor, who’s going out with Zak’s daughter Belle. Megan’s horrified and tells Zak he’s got the wrong idea – they’re just friends.

When Lisa learns about the fight, she’s disgusted with her ex-husband and has a go at him. Later, the exes are forced to talk about Belle. But as Zak urges angry Lisa to drop her beef with him, what will she do when he plants a kiss on her?

Having been kissed by Kerry, Sam reckons he’s in with a chance and is gutted when Kerry tells him it was a mistake. Megan’s not happy about Sam being used in Kerry’s messy love life and decides to make her pay.

The fighting continues between the mechanics and after branding Dan ‘pathetic’, Ross knocks him out cold.