Zak wants Sean to kiss off

Zak Dingle is an angry man. He has a son he can’t stand the sight of – and neither can most of the village. But is there more than that to Zak’s anger? Is it laced with guilt perhaps? Has Zak done something that someone else is being blamed for? All Belle knows is that her dad’s anger is directed at her when he sees her kissing Sean. How embarrassing! The kids run off and Zak is left feeling like the worst father in the world. Lisa goes after Belle and Zak later tries to make things right, but Belle is feeling very wronged.

Alicia doesn’t feel right about what Andy’s going to do with Debbie (have sex to make a ‘saviour sibling’ for Sarah) and decides to move back in with David. Andy’s upset, but Debbie’s worried about how Cameron will react when he hears Alicia’s dumped Andy. And she’s right to be worried; Cameron goes ballistic and doesn’t realise Sarah has seen his anger until it’s too late. Ashamed, he leaves. But Cameron has a plan of his own – and it involves leaving Emmerdale.

Cain’s coming back to Emmerdale and Debbie tells Charity, who’s sure Cain will have to tell the truth about who attacked him…